The Wiz of Is


The “Wiz of Is”, is a concept and a reality which is manifesting “right now”. It began in the month of May 2010 as I was preparing to manifest an “Isness is my Business” T shirt that had been waiting to be born since 1993. Sir George Trevelyan and I gave birth to the idea 17 years ago at his home in England. So this has been a long time coming.

The “Wiz of Is” is all about “Being” and thus is under the Umbrella of “The Well of Being” (to be read as the ”well” of Being, as well as “The Well of Being”). It is about being who you are and not trying to “become” something else!


This “being” who you are is very difficult for most people, even though they can’t actually be anything else other than what they are !!! (funny that, don’t you think?) So it really all just boils down to “accepting” who you are allowing yourself to “Be” and then “discovering” the truly beautiful incredible being that you are deep down (or not so deep down if you are already happy and feel wonderfully alive in this great place!!!).

I believe firmly in “FREEDOM” and that everyone is their own King and Queen and that how they are or how they feel is really what’s important in life. Not who they are, what they have, or when they will become. But…


Isness is about being, just being who and what one is, allowing the deep down to come up and out with glory and presence. That’s it. At that point everything becomes spontaneous, no longer limited by desires and fears.

Our internal forces and sources begin to collaborate and manifest an even deeper and more meaningful “way of being”. I see one’s inner breadth and depth of being as their “ISDOM”. Everyone is the Wiz of their own Isdom. I can teach ways to activate different parts and aspects of their being which pertain to “isdom” (physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects and their interrelated mechanisms) and create our lived life and its process of continual transformation.

In this way one develops a working understanding of these mechanisms and how they effect the way we “feel” and what we can “do”.  At this point the individual can “use” them consciously to make appropriate changes as he or she (the “wiz”) sees fit! Every isdom has its own Wiz or wizard and when one becomes the wiz of their own isdom they have wizdom!

I truly believe that everyone already is the Wiz of their Isdom and it only depends on what knowledge they have as to how they manifest their Isdom!!! In this “teaching” I unfold new laws and understandings of our, old bodies, minds and souls.

“Soul on my Maties!”, “Soul On!!!


The “buzz” of “was”


Gives way to the  “Biz” of Is

The I Am

And the “I am that I am”

And best of all


“I yam  what I am and that’s what I yam”

is all

as old as “sold”

it’s time for the “Bold of Gold”

that is

you iz   I iz and we iz




be the wiz of your own isdom

your isdom   his isdom her isdom

everybody’s “isdom” be the wis of your isdom

wiz isdom


The answer to life’s quiz is “iz”

Be the “wiz” of your isdom