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The “Well of Being”

The “Well” of Being

Living “Well”

Living in your own“well”

Being a “Well Being”

“Constant Consciousness”

How to remain Conscious throughout the day

How to develop a “Continuous Consciousness”


One of the biggest problems folks on the spiritual path have is maintaining their “focus” or sense of well-being throughout the whole day. How to be nurtured by deep love and spiritual substance all day. The “Well of Being” is one’s internal environment, the deep spiritual source from which all life springs and the internal and even subconscious functioning of the human body, its emotional and energetic mechanisms which produce our state of lived reality. Develop a consciousness rooted state based on simple emotional energetic principles. A constant state of “presence” and “being”, created by one’s ability to “recharge” or “refocus” continually and quickly throughout the day.

Live in constant contact with your “well”,

 the source of your being, living from the “inside” out.


Transformational Movement

Transformational Sound

Continuous Conscious Breath

The Breath Of Being

Breath Body and Beyond

Magic Body – Soulful Body