Wayne Tooker





Wayne Wilson Tooker,  had  his spiritual awakening in 1974 and quickly solidified a “Thy will not mine” attitude which led to his first experience of Cosmic Consciousness[1] in 1975.  Since then he has been  actively involved with the evolution of human consciousness and has developed a series of techniques and methods which promote individual potential and autonomy.


He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Philosophy and has studied biology, psychology and medicine at University level; is a singer, song writer and performer, leads historical and mystical voyages through many countries, (Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Egypt, Turkey and over 60 thousand miles in the United States) and for the past 22 years has taught workshops on Well Being and Personal Transformation throughout Europe. He is presently working on two books “The Breath of Being” and “Transformational Movement".


For 20 years Wayne called his work “The Way of The Heart: To Be and Not To Be” (where the focus is to develop a “soul conscious” Human Being, intuitive, independent  but at the same time conscious of  “union” with all things, aware, open and spontaneous). He has developed “Transformational Movement” an energetic emotional method for self transformation through “conscious movement; “The Breath of Being” (a technique to develop “continuous consciousness” by using constant breath and movement “reminders” during the day) and   “Transformational Sounds” (The “emotional-energetic alphabet” which explains the energetic and emotional effect of the vowels and consonants used in human speech).


After 22 years of demonstrating these techniques in workshops and seminars (which were fun but “overwhelming” due to the amount of  “new” material presented), Wayne is now preparing a series of books and manuals to render this vast material more readily available to the mind and its connected physical and emotional bodies, thus opening the way for a more complete integration of “spirit” and “Unconditional Love” into daily life.  


Wayne’s seminars are highlighted by his sense of humour and deep love for humanity.  He expresses joy and understanding while delivering a workshop full of new, interesting and useful exercises and information.



[1] That experience was highlighted by a melting of Wayne’s individuality into an ocean of “oneness” and his personality was permeated with Unconditional Love which totally transformed his “world view” taking him beyond duality and into the “New Age”. 

Formative Years


Wayne began his work in Well-Being as a young pre-med student in 1975 and although his “initiation” was specifically spiritual through an overwhelming experience of Unconditional Love, he has always tried to express life through a very human way of Being. In the Seventies he closely followed the work of the forerunners in psychosomatic studies and Stress Therapy (including Herbert Benson’s “Relaxation Response”, Hans Selye‘s Stress without Distress, Shultz’s Progressive Relaxation etc.) , and “wholeness” development (Yoga, Meditation, Left Brain/Right Brain Studies, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Touch Therapies, Massage and Holistic Psychology. Assagioli, Jung etc.). He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Philosophy and has studied biology, psychology and medicine at University level.


Wayne has traveled extensively, as a child with his family (his father was a family physician and his mother a nurse) on camping trips throughout the United States. At 23 he took a nine month Bicycle trip through Europe and after graduating from College, spent more than 30 years in Italy studying, traveling, and performing.


For more than two decades he has taught workshops on well-being and “personal transformation“. The body of material that Wayne teaches has been spontaneously developed over the years in an attempt to better transmit the tenets, experience and understanding of Unconditional Love and how it can relate to one's lived reality.


Wayne views the body, personality and deeper soul aspect as a “well” from which one can draw energy, comfort and a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of life and well being which permit a more complete and happy expression of human "being".


This body of work is called the “WELL OF BEING” as it refers to the “Well of Our Being”, the depth and breadth of the source of our being, both physically and spiritually, and as it also reflects the fact that when we live in contact with that “Well”, we have well-being. Wayne calls this living “well”, or “Well Living”, where one keeps contact with the deeper aspects of one’s self throughout the day and the various activities in one’s life.


This becomes possible by using a series of “reminder” techniques that Wayne has developed so that it is possible to “reconnect” during the day thus maintaining a more constant state of  “higher” (or “deeper”) awareness.


Wayne’s mission is to live as a fully embodied, “feeling”, human being (physically functioning and spiritually “aware”). He celebrates laughter, and love and enjoys nothing more than stimulating and joyously expressing both. The combination of his upbringing, personal  training and deep experience of Unconditional Love give him an interesting and perhaps unique capacity to explain the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of well-being.


He is married to Silvia Vianello (from Venice Italy) and has two children whom he loves dearly, Christopher (28 years old, musician creative talent and warm human being) and James (15 years old, surprising expanding young man). Wayne has finally returned to the United States (his home and “beloved” country) and lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.