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“Living from the Inside Out”


Conscious use of Breath, Movement and Sound in daily life


In this fun and interesting workshop you will discover many different ways that you can tap into your  “Well of Being” (physically, emotionally and spiritually) and how these techniques can be used at any moment during the day to help you  maintain a more constant state of “consciousness” and sense of well being.



Funfilled, refreshing and practical



Be surprised by how  easily you can  increase your energy level and “transform” the type of energy that you are creating.  Learn about the internal and even subconscious functioning of the human body, and how to “adjust” the emotional and energetic mechanisms which produce our “lived” reality.


Understand how your modality of breathing and the way you move transforms the way you “feel” and the type of energy which you generate. Discover what energies and emotions are located in the base of your hand, your fingertips, your thumb, your heels, your shoulders, etc.



“Wayne’s innovative and effective work has been incorporated into my daily life…it’s made a big difference in my capacity to change my mental-emotional state at will, and to integrate the insights that I receive.”           


     Rev. Steve Carty Cordry



“Come ! Wade with Wayne into the waters of the ‘Well of Being.’ You’ll discover a fountain of wonderment, enlightenment and laughter. You’ll step into the river, deep within, waiting to be explored. You’ll leave refreshed renewed and remembering. Wayne is truly a magic man and a ‘Well Being’ and the water does remember.”  


  Dolores DaLuz


Learn the “Stop and Shop Spin”,  “Shake and Bake”,  “Teddy Bear Hello” and other fun, useful and effective techniques. In an atmosphere of fun and wonder Wayne will explore the inner workings of the emotional body, the manifestation of our spiritual essence, and the honor and power of  being Human.


Maintain a more constant state of  consciousness and presence

recharge, refocus and “transform” your energy in any given moment of the day.


Wayne Tooker had a completely transforming experience of Cosmic Consciousness and Unconditional Love in April of 1975 and since then his life and work have been a manifestation of that love. For the past 33 years he has been living in Italy and  only recently has returned with his family to Cape Cod (his land of origin).



Saturday April 2nd   cost: $50  ($35 members) Unity on Cape Cod, 147 Walton Ave.





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