T shirts


Well of Being      


This is the oldest model. It was created in 1995. Features a sun-moon logo (moon face, sun’s rays) to symbolize the manifestation and union of male-female aspects in the complete human being. Colors yellow (joy) and orange (power). Qualities, strength and beauty.


Breath of Being


 A recent model, Breath (lungs and heart)  and Being (solar plexus). Where the Being gives birth to the Breath and vice versa. Breath of Being. Colors sky blue (peace and beauty) white (purity and light)


Isness is my Bizness


An idea created by Sir George Trevelyan (Herald of the New Age) and myself in 1993 but only manifest in 2011 with the birth of the “Wiz of is”. My favorite shirt because it exemplifies my idea of the New Age, that you are you and your primary business is you Being You. The shirt exemplifies a stance of simply  being. Colors yellow and orange, but also available in red and yellow.


A short story of Sir George and I


The exchange which gave birth to the idea of a t shirt went like this. I had met Sir George in Italy in 1991 (I had known about him for many years before, but had never encountered him physically ). We met at a Right Livelihood Awards convention (The right Livelihood Award is a kind of anti-Nobel prize presented in Sweden the day before the Nobel awards and is given to individuals who have made humanitarian contributions to the planet e.g. Founders of Greenpeace, Amnesty International etc.). Sir George was an honored guest, former winner of the prize for his life’s work in the evolution in Human Consciusness and I was the “gopher” (“go for this, go for that.” I was doing all the odd jobs for the organizers). We met, fell into deep synchrony and he invited me to England to be his chauffeur (“That way I can introduce you to “everybody”). This never happened as soon after we met I began doing my workshops and became very busy, but I did go to visit him a couple of years later while I was doing a workshop in Glastonbury England (he lived  about  an hour and a half away). I arrived at his house early on a beautiful sunny afternoon in June. (Earlier that morning I had chosen one of my favorite purple T shirts to wear. It was from Yogaville, an Ashram in Virgina, founded by Swami Satchidananda and housing shrines to all the world’s religions. The T shirt had “The truth is one the paths are many”  written in a semi circle across the chest. I had a shirt over it open at the chest so you could only see the “is” (I didn’t know this then, but was to find out later.)

I pulled up in Sir George’s driveway and got out of the car ecstatic to see this wonderful magical elderly gentleman (he was then in his eighties) gingerly walking towards me smiling. I say “Hello Sir George, it’s so nice to see you again” (we really had had a wonderful, special time in Italy, visiting “Pan”, going to Mt. Blanc (where he hadn’t been since he was a young man), reciting poetry, singing songs and generally “clowning around” in a conscious and loving world of wonder) and he responds with that great “booming” voice of his, “Yes Wayne, and I see that you are because its written on your chest !” Surprise is added to my joy and I look down and notice that the “is” of the “truth is one” is very evident and isolated right there on my chest ! And I quickly say in just as powerful a voice “Yes Sir Geoge Isness is my business !!! He laughs heartily and puts his arm around my shoulder “Isness is my business, Now wouldn’t that be a great New Age phrase ?” and I said “Yes Sir George we should make a t shirt with Isness is my business on it !” and he said “ Oh yes Wayne,  we should indeed, that’s a great idea, let’s do that. We’ll make a t shirt together which says it all, so simply and so clearly!” And then we went wandering off down the garden path together chatting away just having a wonderful time renewing and deepening our already glorious relationship.

One more thing I’d like to share now about Sir George (he passed away a few years later and the Unicorn painting he showed me that afternoon was hanging in the  Findhorn Assembly Room when they held a memorial service for him in 1996). That day in 1993, we were sitting around the dining room table (Sir George his wife and I) and he was going on, as he did, with great eloquence, connecting the dots to everything and then… perhaps I mentioned a poem that he had recited in Italy. A poem which basically asked, “Is it proper to cut a rose and take its life to give it as a gift ? The answer was “yes, if it’s for love!”. When he recited (and acted out) the poem in Italy, great minds from around the world were rapt in fragrant and emotional magic as he unfurled his talent. So that afternoon, I was expressing to Mary (I believe that was her name) how much I admired Sir George’s many qualities. And as I was saying this to her (she was listening politely but not by any means “enthralled”) George began to recite the poem there at the table and Mary’s eyes  began to shine with an incredible light of adoration and total love. They were the eyes of an adolescent enamored with her white knight, totally happy and fulfilled, in ecstasy. It was an incredible transformation, and there I witnessed the action of the fountain of youth, the eternal bond of oneness, of bliss, of total Unconditional Love. This transport continued for the whole recitation and when it was over, Mary’s eyes were slightly different than before, there was a “twinkle” that only satisfied happy lovers know. It was such a treasure and I was so honored to witness that transformation, that exhibition, that “proof” of the power of love and how it is indeed ageless. I expressed this to Mary and George and they were pleased, maybe comforted, perhaps rewarded. Mary later gave me a drawing that she had done of Sir George, a beautiful refined, delicate and sensual expression of a man, a soul, a leader, an innovator; captured in the eyes of love, forever. God bless you both for having given me (and the world) so much. Your loving servant and friend, Wayne Wilson Tooker.