Wayne Tooker had his spiritual awakening in 1974 and quickly solidified a “Thy will not mine” attitude which led to his first experience of Cosmic Consciousness in 1975. Since then he has been  assisting others in their manifestation of a “Well Being”. Reborn from Universal Unconditional Love, Wayne offers himself as an external focal point through which an individual’s personality can activate energies and experiences which promote the precipitation of that which brings about a more complete manifestation of one’s “True Being” (an individual personality imbued with spirit or a “deeper” presence manifesting  as a more complete “Human Being”).


Wayne is available for individual consultations which can be in the form of spiritual-emotional- psychological  integration (Individual “activation” and strengthening of individual’s internal guidance system so that one’s actions  are more coherent with one’s ideals); or in the form of energy work (“Energy Cocoon” balancing of auric field and intensification of light body). The multidimensionality of Wayne’s work is characteristic, and essential to fulfilling the goal of “Whole Being” integration.



                                                   Energy Cocoon



The session begins with the person lying prone on a massage table. Specific areas on the back are stimulated to release tensions and prepare the body to receive. The client then is turned over and the process of generating the “cocoon” begins. This is done by passing the hands above the surface of the patients body (without physically touching the body) while the client breathes in deep, regular and relaxed manner. The creation of the cocoon (a process which usually takes 10-15 minutes) is often accompanied by sounds made with the hands, feet, vocal chords, or breathing (all transformational accessories which alter the vibrations and frequencies of the electromagnetic field around the body).


After the cocoon is established the client is left alone to have his or her personal experience with the cocoon. This can be perceived in many ways; by the perception of pressure being applied to various parts of the body, by energy flowing through the body in different directions, by warmth , tingling; or visions of light, colours or images. But mostly by a general sensation of well being.



                                                        Individual Intuitive Session



This begins with a preliminary overview where Wayne intuitively expresses his sensations as to the talents of the individual, what the obstacles might be to the individual’s success and where they can find happiness. The session is guided by Unconditional Love and thus automatically feels where one’s happiness resides. The session is performed without physical accessories  such as cards, meditations, pendulum, crystals etc.. The second part of the session is based on exchanges, questions, answers,

 and specific exercises designed for the person undergoing the session.



Both sessions (guided and nourished by Unconditional Love) have the result of reinforcing of the individual on various levels and no matter what else,

the person leaves the encounter more who he or she really is.