Wayne at Wesak is an interesting and evocative talk that Wayne gave at Mt. Shasta in 1996. It perfectly represents the essence of his soul and of his work. Wayne had been invited by Dr. Marcia Dale Lopez and Dr, Joshua David Stone to participate in the “Wesak Celebration” made up of over 1,200 from around the world gathered at Mt. Shasta, California in 1996. The crowd had just finished one of many “Ascension Meditations” as part their process of Ascension, that is rising up from the physical realm into a spiritual realm. Transforming the physical world by becoming ever more spiritual. Wayne proposed that the process was actually the opposite and was indeed about our bringing our spiritual bodies down in to the physical plane. Hence the title “We ain’t goin’ home we’re bring home here!”.   The surprise of the audience when Wayne begins with an impromptu version of Mustang Sally is palpable, as is the ensuing transformation into a rollicking Human Celebration. Fun and enlightening.