The Well of Being


Back in 1990 someone asked me “What is well-being, and how does one get it and even more importantly how can one maintain it?”.

 I quickly answered, “It’s easy all one has to do is go into his own “well” and he’ll find well-being.” Said and done! “As a matter of fact he’ll become a “Well Being” and have continual well-being!!!”

This of course was another way of saying “go within” but it was also clear that if one became a “well being” that is one who lived in his well he would have continual well-being!!!  Thus instead of looking “outside” for himself and  assurance that he or she was, or to know “what” one was, one could go within and “feel” and discover what one was. And instead of living from the outside in,  begin to live from the “inside out”.


The “Well of Being” refers to the deep source of our existence, that from which springs all creation. Thus in its most profound sense it is the essence or nourishing aspect of our manifest reality. But at the same time when I refer to the Well of Being I am referring to the tools and resources that we have available to us as human Beings to improve our state of “being”. Such as breath, movement, thought , sound and love.

I will go into great detail about all of this in the near future, as THE WELL OF BEING becomes a knowable and attainable reality!

For now I will include a poem I wrote, “The Way of the Heart”, which also speaks about many of the aspects of the “Well of Being”


The Way Of The Heart


The “Way of the Heart”

 is any way,

 and all ways.

It has no differentiation,

 it is not separate from.

It is a spontaneous bubbling of your being,

rooted in your past

 and fed by the soul of the Human Race.

It is an expression of your personal self

 which is not limited by doubt and fear,

and not guided by a striving desire to “understand” or “become”.

It is simply Being.

In this sense it also includes the “future” as it is neither limited by time nor space.

It contains all “knowledge”,

but has no desire to “understand”,

because it does.

It understands that it is what it is,

and all things are what they are.

This “free ranging” gift of “liberty”

 is one aspect of the “Way of the Heart” that is revered by all beings,

they feel gratitude towards the “Way”

 because it does not inhibit them,

it “recognizes” them

 as “equal”.